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Experienced agents and innovation combine to save Terra Firma Realty's clients thousands of dollars while raising the bar for the home selling experience.

We’ve been selling homes in the Metrowest communities of Massachusetts for over 25 years. You benefit from this experience by receiving expert advice and step-by-step guidance from contract to close. Selling your home is a major life transition, and it is always our aim to make this tough process as easy as possible. Whether you’re upsizing from your starter home, or selling your long time family home, we’re here to work with you to smoothly transition into the next stage of your life.

The Benefits of Selling with Terra Firma Realty

Seller Savings

In competitive markets, when productivity increases, costs come down. That’s simple economics. In residential real estate this hasn’t happened on a broad scale, but it is happening for Terra Firma Realty’s Sellers. Every seller’s situation is different, and we look forward to discussing with you our flexible commission rate options. It’s simple: we give our clients full, uncompromising service and save them thousands of dollars of home equity!

Our Dedicated Team

When you hire Terra Firma Realty to sell your home you don’t just get an agent. You get the benefit of our entire team of professionals covering all the bases needed to sell your property: listing management, media advertising, and sales negotiation. We are always available seven days a week, with decades of industry experience and community insight, with solid advice you can trust.

Innovative Technology

Residential real estate has changed – it’s become an internet driven business where buyers research and are acutely aware of the market. This requires your home to stand out from the crowd. However, real estate will always be a people business requiring professional and consistent demeanor. At Terra Firma Realty we give you the best of both worlds. We excel at combining “people skills” with innovative technology solutions and a modern business strategy, providing you with everything needed to successfully sell your home.

Comprehensive Marketing

Terra Firma Realty develops a targeted marketing plan for each Seller. With staging and update suggestions we help you bring your house to its full market potential. Then we showcase your home with professional photography and floor plans, and give you maximum market exposure using proven and trending websites. We envision the buyer best suited for your home, and target our marketing specifically to the them.

Our Sellers Come First

Selling homes is about more than just listing a house and hoping for the best. It’s an investment on all sides, and requires constant communication and honesty for the process to go smoothly. When we are selling homes we ensure you are never left in the dark. We continually give you feedback from potential buyers and their agents, and give you weekly updates on the state of our local market, with specialized action plans to get your home sold.

Let’s Talk About Selling Your House! Schedule a Seller’s Consultation Here.

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