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You live where you work and love making the most of your community.

You’re self motivated, and have spent a few years building your real estate business.

You spend most of your working hours on the road or at your home office, but are still paying high commission splits and office fees.

Does that sound like you? If so, you might be a great fit for Terra Firma Realty!

In the past, brokerages offered “value” to their agents through access to listings, a desk, fax machine, and paper marketing tools. They stocked expensive office spaces with leather chairs and a reception desk, hoping to impress new clients walking through the door.  Traditional real estate brokerages use many obsolete business practices, and pass on high costs to their agents and clients.

The “Brick and Mortar” business model is over.

In competitive markets, when productivity increases, costs come down. In residential real estate this hasn’t happened yet on a broad scale, but we are seeing it happen now.  Advances in technology allow us to run our business faster, and more efficiently.  You meet the consumer online, and you are judged based on your web presence.

At Terra Firma Realty we are meeting the demand for change, giving our clients what they want, and our agents what they need.

Keep Your Commission

We charge a simple $549 administration fee per transaction. That’s right, we don’t take a commission split.  By cutting wasted expenses and focusing on services that actually matters to our clients, we are able to pass on these major savings to you. No complicated broker splits, hidden franchise fees, or yearly rollbacks – just a straight forward business model.


Resources to Build Your Business

We provide our agents with all the resources needed to grow and sustain their own businesses in today’s market. We offer client CRM, CMA reports, document library, marketing materials, monthly networking events, and local broker support and record keeping. Why pay thousands of dollars towards the traditional brokerage model? Use your savings to build your business.


Digitally Powered Office

Agents work from wherever their clients need them to be. Bring your “office” with you through our agent portal. Log in for access to your document library, transaction records, marketing materials, and impress your clients with your ability to meet their needs and answer their questions anytime, anyplace.

Want to hear more? Let’s talk! Contact us here.